Registration/Abstract Submission

Faculty/Research Staff/Postdoc

Students/All Other Staff

We ask that Rice faculty and data science researchers submit a brief abstract  (due by Wednesday, October 5th Thursday, October 6th, end of day) and prepare a poster on data driven research and scholarship projects and ideas. The poster (no larger than 4-foot by 4-foot) can showcase an existing research program, an emerging research idea, or a data source to which you have or can get access. The scope is deliberately wide. We want participants to come prepared to share ideas, network with colleagues, and explore opportunities for collaboration. As an example, the abstracts and posters could focus on one or more of the following Data Science technologies:

  • Data analytics
  • Machine learning
  • Data set(s) and data partnership(s)
  • Education for data science
  • Data Science for education and learning
  • Infrastructure for data science
  • Data management, access, security, and privacy
  • Data Visualization, GIS, Cartography, …
  • Urban Planning and Development
  • Knowledge discovery
  • Urban health and environmental studies …
  • …..*

* There is no limit, beyond your imagination, to the scope of the Meet Up.  Please submit your abstract, as we want a broad and diverse representation of Data Science.

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